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Nonimmigrant Visa Documentation

Required Documentation for All Applicants

All NIV applicants must bring the following items to their visa interviews:

  1. A passport that is valid for at least the next six months
  2. All previous U.S. visas in old passports (even if the visas are expired or cancelled). Please do not staple passports together.
  3. DS-160 Confirmation Sheet. (Please see the bottom of this page for guidance about completing the DS-160 application.)
  4. Appointment confirmation page (Please see Step 3: Schedule An Appointment)
  5. One passport-sized photo (2” by 2” on white or off-white background taken within the last 6 months)
  6. “Fee paid” receipt from the National Commercial Bank (NCB) in the applicant’s name, if your visa application fee was paid prior to March 18, 2013.

Documents Required for Certain Visa Categories

Certain visa categories and purposes of travel, including but not limited to student visas, temporary worker visas and medical travel, require additional documentation beyond the items that are listed above. Please use the bar on the left side of this page to navigate to the page with details about your particular visa category.  Failure to bring all necessary documentation to your interview may result in processing delays. 

Other Documentation 

Some applicants may choose to bring additional documentation – such as job letters, bank statements, marriage certificates and birth certificates – to their appointments.  Applicants will be allowed to carry these documents into the Embassy, but it is unlikely that a consular officer will ask to see them. 

Consular officers are trained to obtain information primarily by talking with applicants, rather than by reviewing documents.  Therefore, one of the best ways to prepare for your appointment is to think about how you can clearly and concisely discuss your reasons for travel and your ties to Jamaica or the Cayman Islands.

Guidelines for Completing the DS-160

The U.S. Department of State now requires all applicants to fill out the DS-160 application form online. After completing the form, you will need to print out the DS-160 confirmation sheet, which contains a barcode used to scan your application when you arrive at the Embassy for your appointment. 

For instructions about how to complete the DS-160 form, please review our DS-160 guide. (PDF 4MB)

Below are some tips for completing the DS-160 form. 

Save early and often: The DS-160 is set to time out if not completed within 20 minutes. To ensure that you do not lose your information, please save often and keep track of where you have saved the form.  Saving the form on your desktop may be easiest.

Choose Kingston: If you do not choose Kingston as your interview location, we will not be able to retrieve your application for up to two days after your scheduled appointment. 

Choose the correct gender: If you choose the wrong gender when filling out the DS-160, you will not be prompted to answer certain gender-specific questions. You will be asked to leave the Embassy and fill out your form with the correct gender before completing your interview. 

Check the accuracy of your form before submitting it: Each applicant is responsible for ensuring that his or her form is completed correctly. If a travel agency or another person assists you in completing your form, you should ensure that the information is accurate before the form is submitted electronically.  Failure to report information accurately on the DS-160 could damage an applicant’s credibility at the time of the visa interview and may result in processing delays.